Salt Lake City, UT Photographer: My Family

So this is one of my favorite posts, and here's why. I get to share with you my pride and joy: my family. These guys mean the world to me and I would give anything to keep them happy. I hope you enjoy these portraits that depict the handsome guys in my life. And a picture or two of me.

This is Thing 1. He is my ideal little model and very comfortable in front of the camera. He sets himself up and I rarely have to make adjustments. He's in kindergarten and absolutely loves it!

This is Thing 2. He's very different from his big brother. He loves to be in front of the camera, but be silly and peek a boo or run. He's a busy body that I can't get to sit still unless he's asleep. He has great endurance, but when he gets tired, stay out of his way or put him to bed. You'll be glad you did either! Love this early bird!

This is when he decided to play peek a boo with me and his vest, I love his smile, because when he smiles, his eyes sparkle.

This is my handsome husband. I couldn't ask for any better, because if I did I wouldn't get anything.

Yours truly.


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